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Assessment, Planning, Results: No job is too large for Property On Point.

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Do you want bigger bucks, more turkey, create quail habitat on your property?

To Make sure we get your property headed in the right direction Property on Point likes to setup a property visit where we can get our hands dirty, look at maps, and maybe even see what just pops out that needs to be addressed ASAP.

After a property Assessment Property on Point will better know what your property already provides and what your property is lacking for our management goals at hand.

Of course there is no silver bullet but Property on Point will get you pointed in the right direction with a habitat management plan that will definitely be a great start for your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Site specific hunting plans for better recreational opportunity

Habitat goals will somewhat depend on what specie of game animal that you are really wanting to manage for. There are many habitat practices that Property on Point offers that can change the face of your property in a hurry.

Upland Game Bird Management-

A passion at Property on Point is Upland game birds. Wild Turkey and quail require specific habitat needs to ensure survival of these species. Turkey and quail can’t survive in a monoculture type habitat and need early successional habitat for turkey poults and quail chicks to survive.

At Property on Point we use several methods to ensure quality habitat for these species. Timber Stand Management using Forestry mulching, habitat Manipulation, herbicides, and prescribed fire to get the early successional habitat needed by these game birds.

Property on Point also plants warm season food plots to manipulate the food requirements of game birds.

The key to success is to provide adequate nesting and brood rearing habitat for game bird survival. Property on Point will do whatever it takes to make your property on Point.

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