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Mulching Service


Woodland Forest Products’ environmental grinding and mulching machine is capable of cutting down all types of brush and trees up to 34 inches in diameter and grinding everything to mulch. The mulch then forms a blanket over the ground to help prevent erosion. This system prepares land for development or reforestation while protecting against runoff. The mobility of this machine allows it to operate on both large tracts of land or small residential lots.

Environmental Benefits Grinding & Mulching

• All nutrients are returned back to soil

• Reduces Erosion

• Decreases Burning

• Decreases Loader Work

• Decreases Dump Truck Haul Off

• Conserves Landfill Space

• Decreased Soil Displacement


• Pre-Development Clearing

• Land Clearing

• Fire Breaks

• Pine Beetle Control

• Forestry Site Preparation & Reforestation

• Wildlife Food Plots & Habitat Creation

• Road Maintenance & Construction

• Right-of-Way Clearing

• Pasturing New Ground

• Park Maintenance

• Park Clearing

• Creation of Walking & Riding Trails

• Storm Debris Clearing

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