Property On Point


Wildlife consultations to create food plots including native grasses, fruit trees and products from Whitetail Institute

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Wildlife Management Assessment-

What habitat needs can be addressed to promote growth and health for desired upland game?

Do you have the forage to sustain a healthy wildlife habitat?

Property on Point will setup a property visit where we can view the natural environment and see what must be addressed to give you the biggest bucks, turkey or quail habitat you are looking to sustain.

After a property assessment, Property on Point will better know what your property already provides and what plots can be integrated to serve your habitat needs.

Soil & Forage Planning-

Managing native forages and supplementing with prescribed food plots, we can provide the needed nutrition for the wildlife on your property.

From initial soil assessment we can provide lime and fertilizer requirements for optimum soil production.

Warm season and cool season plot planning

Removal of noxious weeds and invasive species that can hinder the growth of food plots and native habitat

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