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Upland Management Services

"Assessment, Planning, Results: No job is too large for Property On Point."

Property Assessment-

Are you maximizing your property potential?

What are your wildlife goals for your property?

Do you want bigger bucks, more turkey, create quail habitat on your property?

To Make sure we get your property headed in the right direction, Property on Point likes to setup a property visit where we can get our hands dirty, look at maps, and maybe even see what just pops out that needs to be addressed ASAP.

GIS mapping services allow us to better show you the game plan for your habitat

After a property assessment Property on Point will better know what your property already provides and what your property is lacking for the management goals at hand.

Of course there is no silver bullet but Property on Point will get you pointed in the right direction with a habitat management plan that will definitely be a great start for your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Habitat Management-

Habitat goals will somewhat depend on what specie of game animal that you are really wanting to manage.There are many habitat practices that Property on Point offers that can change the face of your property in a hurry.

Warm season and cool season food plot planting

Site Specific plans to reach goals that property can provide naturally

Site specific hunting plans for better recreational opportunity

Forest Stand Improvement-Forestry Mulching, herbicides, prescribed fire, and Native Warm Season Grass stand management

Upland Game Bird Management-

A passion at Property on Point is Upland game birds. Wild Turkey and quail require specific habitat needs to ensure survival. Turkey and quail can’t survive in a monoculture type habitat. They need an early successional habitat for turkey poults and quail chicks to survive.

At Property on Point we use several methods to ensure quality habitat for these species. We offer timber stand management using forestry mulching, habitat Manipulation, herbicides and prescribed fire to get the early successional habitat needed for game birds.

Property on Point also plants warm season food plots to manipulate the food requirements of game birds.

The key to success is to provide adequate nesting and brood rearing habitats for game bird survival. Property on Point will do whatever it takes to make your property on POINT.

Sustained Habitat
Soil Testing


  • Upland Management Services
  • Plot Planting
  • Mulching
  • Working Towards Native Warm Season Grass
  • Controlled Fire Conducted By Forestry Experts
  • Fruit Tree Selection That's Optimal for Wildlife
  • Securing Your Property


  • Chicory Plus Mature 1
  • Sprayed Clover Field
  • Clover Stand Setup
  • Producing Forage
  • Tall Tine Tubers, Winter Food Source and Soil Builder
  • Winter Greens Providing Winter Groceries


  • Mulching Service
  • Creating Food Plot
  • Private Landowner Habitat
  • Saving Habitat
  • Future Nesting
  • Future Brood Rearing


Jody Holdbrooks formerly with the NWTF was asked to create a management plan for our 1000 acres. Our land was predominately hardwood with half being four-year-old planted Loblolly Pines. Jody identified our limiting factor for the property and He recommended widening our food plots to 3 to 4 acres. He also recommended widening our roads to allow fawning and nesting cover.

He recommended Woodland Forest Products to come in with a mulcher and open up some habitat for more upland habitat and get away from a pine monoculture. The mulcher was able to remove stumps from the road bed and the fields to allow easy disking and mowing. All these areas were planted with summer food plots using soybeans and summer mix. The result was increased deer sightings and larger deer.

For the better food plots Jody also recommended a soil sample and appropriate fertilization of the fields. He also helped in training is in planting fields: create a smooth seedbed through disking and dragging. There was a substantial increase In the yield of the crops and usage by the wildlife. He was able to give a monthly consultation and view the successes or changes needed on the property.

Although the management is a long-term process, we were able to see immediate results and the quality and number of deer. We were able to harvest three nice eight points with the age of 3 1/2 years old. A recent Deer survey show numerous animals for the hit list in 2015.

I recommend Jody as a manager of a property and development of a deer management and Wildlife plan.


Brian Burgess